Change Your Life Using the Inner Technologies of Intention

Nothing in life is static; our anatomical bodies, psyches, relationships and circumstances are at the mercy of constant change. Yet without intentional work in new directions, we will probably find that our new inner and outer forms replicate existing patterns. "I remember your day I first realized I'd married my father," one client told me ruefully. Since her father have been sadistic and abusive, it had been a really unhappy day. Yet in addition it galvanized her healing process, helping her concentrate on the Intent Los Angeles needed to make use of in order to transform her life.

Setting an obvious intention could be the first faltering step in bringing about any desired change, whether physical or non-physical. Asking for help from larger sources - a practice traditionally called "prayer" - is just a method of exponentially increasing our power to bring about this change. (If that you don't resonate with the phrase "prayer," feel free to substitute your personal word for requesting the aid of your larger self or guides.) Together, intention and prayer really are a super-technology, a powerfully effective force for change, healing and transformation.

"Intention" is the method where we purposefully internally orient ourselves in a given direction. For instance, when we enter our cars each day to drive to work, our intention to drive to work plays a massive part in our getting there. When we found myself in our cars without particular intention, we might not go anywhere at all - or we might find ourselves randomly driving until we ran out of gas. Many of us do exactly this in our lives!

Setting an intention helps us use our personal power more efficiently. Yet no matter how efficient we're, no person can, on her very own, lift a lot, scale a sheer cliff-face, or turn water into wine. That's where our guides'help comes in.

Our inner teachers are always willing to assist us - given that they are us, on another level of being. However, their ability to simply help is limited by their respect for the free will. Which means until we specifically request and open ourselves with their assistance, they will most often stand back, watching us compassionately, but not interfering. Prayer is just a method of consciously requesting their assistance, signaling that we are open with their help.

Many of us are stubborn, proud do-it-yourselfers. (I know something about this; family lore has it that the initial two phrases I uttered were "Let Ruthie do it" and "Allow me to do it by my self." ) However, there is no valid reason for people to refuse the assistance of higher forces, and no spiritual merit that accrues to us from doing so. We don't take advantage of making things harder for ourselves, any more than a person dragging heavy objects around her back yard would take advantage of refusing to utilize a brand-new wheelbarrow. Actually, working together with intention gives us usage of the non-physical equivalent of that wheelbarrow, while prayer can call to your sides an invisible team of winged horses. If you stop and listen, you may almost manage to hear them now, snorting, pawing and neighing just outside your door...

Intending and praying gives us usage of tremendous power. Yet the power we placed into our intentions and prayers is essential in determining whether or not they will manifest. If, for instance, we intend and pray out of a place of fear and despair, or attempt to control or manipulate ourselves, others or our lives, we work against our own strength - like trying to drag a wheelbarrow uphill by the wrong end. Once we pray and intend from a heavy experience of connection, we're using these power tools according with their design, making them a whole lot more effective. Therefore, we sometimes need to begin our work by intending and praying for a greater sense of link with ourselves, our lives and our guides. That will assist as a strong foundation for other intentions and prayers. Here are a few more techniques for by using this inner technology effectively.



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